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Tickets sold one hour before closing. Open year-round.


​*Conservation Zone and Alabao Bay are not included.

General Admission







Senior citizen card (Taiwanese seniors aged 65 and above)



Student ID of junior high school level or above.


Group Admission

Groups buying 30 or more admissions per purchase.

Entering the park a the same time is needed.


Discounted Admission



Discounted Admission

  1. Keelung Zhong Zheng district citizens.

  2. Children under age 6 accompanied by an adult.

  3. Keelung Service Honor Card.

  4. Visitors with disabilities accompanied by a caregiver.

  5. Licensed tour guides.





Blue Ocean Pool




Kiddie Pool





Hair Dryer


Spin Machine

​Outdoor Shower








  1. 如欲購買晨泳年票及島迷年票,請洽服務專線 (02)2463-5452。

  2. 優惠票種皆須主動出示證明文件,票券使用後一概不得退票。

  3. ​門票均不包含岩石管制區及阿拉寶灣。


Safety is our top priority, please follow the safety rules and restriction.

  1. According to the "Operation Regulations on the Suspension of Offices and Classes because of Natural Disasters" or the announcement by government, North coast & Guanyinshan national scenic area office and the management depending on the actual situation of the park. The park must be fully or partially closed when it is enough to affect the safety of visitors.

  2. According to the "Disaster Prevention and Protection Act" and other regulations and the commander of the disasters response center, the park shall delineate the scope of necessary response to the disaster, visitors must be restricted or prohibited from entering or ordered to leave.

  3. The park provides free Chinese guided tour service for visitors. Please register at the visitor center and the limit is 20 people. Available time: weekdays 14:30  / weekends 10:30 and 14:30.

  4. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by parents.

  5. Parents must attend to their children while they are frolicking or using the facilities.

  6. Please keep your belongings safe.  Management is not responsible for any personal belonging left behind.

  7. Pets must always be on a leash or in a pet carrier. Always clean up after your pet. No pet-sitting or storage service.

  8. No smoking beyond the smoking area.

  9. Do not access restricted area without an authorization.

  10. Commercial photography, teaching or other commercial activities must be applied for in advance according to the venue rental method.

  11. Application for permission in advance is required for group activities that will affect others in the park.

  12. Do not use any sports equipment, such as roller blades, bicycles, scooters or other homogeneous items, except for official use.

  13. Please do not use fire equipment, toxic substance, flammable materials or any dangerous item.

  14. Do not climb or damage any structure, plant and rock. It is forbidden to catch any living creature in the park.

  15. Residents of Zhongzheng District, Keelung City are required to apply for a permit to collect seaweed with the management.

  16. In case of natural disasters, power/water outages or force majeure, please cooperate with the park measures.

  17. No speakers are allowed. Except for the guides with park interpretive license and a person authorized by the park management.

  18. Application for using air drone is required.

  19. Carrying small tents and other sunshade equipment within 3m x 3m are allowed. But only can be use at 03 starlight meadow and 06 summer stay beach. Without affect others and keep the distance more than 3 meters away from the park facilities as principle.


✦ For visitors who damage public property, affect the operation and safety of the park, the management will suspend the right to access the park.

✦ If the accident is caused by not complying with the above notices, the park will not be liable for compensation.

Using Outdoor Pools

To maintain the safety and rights of swimmers, please read the notices before entering the pool.

  1. For your safety, please follow the management practices and the instructions of the lifeguards.

  2. Do not enter outdoor pools when the pools are closed.

  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by the parents to enter the pools.  Do not swim alone.

  4. Outdoor pools are partitioned for different functions.  Please use it in accordance with the park announcement.

  5. Please warm up before entering the outdoor pools.   Please consider your swimming skills and health conditions due to the water depth.   If you are unwell or have infectious diseases, please do not enter the pools.

  6. The Blue Ocean Pool has water depth of 2.5 meters; The Kiddie Pool has water depth of 60cm.  Parents must accompany their children into the pool.

  7. Outdoor pools hours of operation are subject to on-site announcements.  In the event of big waves or force majeure, the park will close the outdoor pools, please follow the lifeguards’ instructions and go ashore.

  8. When the Blue Ocean Pool water level is higher than 180 cm (according to the marking line), diving jump in a specific area is allowed.  Playing and running are strictly prohibited at the poolside.

  9. No littering and no fishing, carrying fishing gears are forbidden for maintaining natural ecology.

  10. Avoid touching sea urchins and barnacles. You are highly recommended to put on swimwear, swimming caps, non-slip shoes for the safety.

  11. Please wear a non-slip shoes and follow the instructions of the security maintenance personnel to access Intertidal Zone. 

  12. You will not be allowed to do the following: swimming naked, walking on the edge of the outdoor pools, playing ball games, carrying your own diving equipment (fins, gas cylinders, etc.) and equipment is equal or more than 200cm.

  13. Pets are not allowed to get into the other pools except the pet friendly pool.

  14. Do not climb the lifeguard towers and arbitrarily use or destroy the life-saving equipment.  Falsely reporting distress signals and other behaviors that could interfere with lifeguards are prohibited. Do not enter to the ocean from the pools without an authorization of the park.


✦ For visitors who damage public property, affect the operation and safety of the park, the management will suspend the right to access the park.

✦ If the accident is caused by not complying with the above notices, the Park will not be liable for compensation.

For inquiries, please contact us at (02)24635452 or email to

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